The experience. Yes, that's right, the experience. The experience, the massage college is way more than a school. It is an elevation. A safe place to learn at your own pace, through whatever you're facing. Celebrate the wins, while learning from the challenges. Work it out by learning how to be thinking outside the box. Emerge feeling smarter, like the best massage specialist in your area. Because making more money and helping people, changes your soul. 




The classy classes. Your time, plugin, connect and learn. In a revolutionised way of learning, followed by a once in a lifetime, inspiring holiday, you grow to the practitioner you set out to become.


You study, you practice, you evolve. You master, and you push towards the clients lining up out the door.



The pulse of the massage college. The energy of the massage college. Our unique talent leaps into your training space with their magnetic energy to motivate, challenge and guide you to immerse yourself to master techniques that can change lives and get results fast. And get results that your clients are looking for. Be known as a practitioner that gets results.



Our elite community welcomes and embraces every being always. They excel as a support connection, pushing each other to actually grow and master the techniques. High Fiving each other along the way to learning. high fiving each other to learning all the way. 




As you all know I am extremely passionate about healing and helping people from all walks of life with the very successful and proven healing technique ‘The Niblett Technique’. After dedicating the last 16 years of my life and helping 1000’s of clients with such a huge success and following, I have decided it is now time to share this information with others so they too can make a difference in peoples lives, with an easy to learn step by step visual presentation of each specific move.


Patients today want permanent relief quickly. Adding this specialised technique to your skillset will allow you to provide immediate, long term results and ensure the continued success and reputation of your clinic/practice while you maximise your earning potential. 

The Specific 1 Minute Manipulation Moves – Who can use it and what does it treat? 

Massage Therapists, Chiropractors, Osteopaths, Physiotherapists, Nurses and all Health Practitioners can utilise it, from a one minute manipulation on any one problem, for a quick pain release of injury, to a full treatment using the whole sequence.


Therapists with diplomas in many fields, and competent in their field, have viewed and benefited immensely using these new techniques.


Incorporate our Intergrated Body Work and The Niblett Technique with what you already have, and you will have the answer to many of your client’s soft tissue problems. It saves time, cuts down the work intensity, reserves your energies and increases your income. This package contains over 50 years of experience, contact us start your journey.



Get results that last.

Get results that have been proven to work.

Get the skills they don’t teach you at massage school.


What the tribe says..

“The Niblett Technique is a proven method of treating deep and soft tissue injuries. Clinic history has shown that The Technique has a definite role to play in manipulative health care. It is based on sound anatomical principles and as such, I am pleased to endorse it as a valuable asset to my practice.” 

Mark Purcell - Physiotherapist, Sunshine Coast.


This package is excellent value for money because I get instant results. As a massage therapist, I was able to identify what was wrong with a client but was often unable to treat it. Now my clients enjoy fantastic results and they can feel the difference instantly.

The training and the way Troy teaches is easy and fun, a very Layman's way of getting the point across. When he says once you know how to put the ankle in the rest is easy. its actually true. I love helping patients using the techniques that I learnt from Troy Payne the same way it helped me."




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