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With your training you will be able to change lives...

With your PAYNE Relief method training you'll be able to change lives.

Truly helping people get their body back on track. When you have helped someone avoid a back operation and all that goes with that, in less than an hour, or you have created shoulder mobility for your client and can play the sport they love again, or removed the agony of a bad knee and receive a testimonial of deep gratitude... You will know, as all our graduates know... you are now truly a master of body work. 


Video Lessons cover how to massage each area of the body 


Activity Books provide practice opportunities and Quick Reference Guides provide a summary of the lesson


Assessments test your new skills and knowlege to cofirm competency




Understand how to massage the leg, plantar fascia, achilles, calf, knee, hamstring, sciatic, lower back, spine, shoulder and neck in the prone positon. .



Learn about the supine massage treatment including the TMJ, face, wrist, arm, shoulder, ankle, knee, hip flexor and abdomen 


Bonus Videos

Experience the complete Payne Relief treatment with bonus videos on point-of-view prone and supine treatment, world's best back massage, using warming balm and an arm warm-up 


Client Advice

Troy provides advice on common challenges such as treating patients with sunburn, releasing the rhomboid, improving the range of movement in the neck, opening the hips to release the sciatic and many more!


Case Studies

Watch Troy as he treats Jake's shoulder injury and Krystal's ankle injury. 



This section outlines all the assessment requirements to successfully achieve competency in the Core Foundations Program


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Wed, Thur 9.30am - 5pm

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