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  • How do i sign up?
    Go to the Plan page, select the Plan and complete the Sign Up Form
  • Are there any pre-requisites?
    Yes, you will need to be part of an association connected to health industry Eg. AMT or ANTA and have your own insurances (full or student). A diploma in Remedial massage is preferred.
  • Do I have a time limit to do the course?
    Yes, you will need to complete the viewing of the massage Masterclass within 3 months and during that time you will need to complete 10 case studies.
  • Am I assessed?
    Yes, the assessment will be more like competent based over the 3 day and your 10 case Study's.
  • What do I get when I finish?
    Once you have demonstrated competency in a full flow technique treatment, you will receive a Diploma in Integrated Body work.
  • Will I be able to get a job (or higher fees) when I am doing the course or will I need to finish first?
    Knowing the techniques used in the trainings and at the workshop you will be able to charge $120 - $145.
  • Why is the Massage College better than other courses?
    It is its Hidden Knowledge MASSAGE Evolved will become an addition to your already accomplished professional skills and knowledge.
  • What is different about this course?
    The big difference is this is the only place in the world you will be able to find this information.
  • Who do I learn from?
    Troy Payne who is a master at The Niblett Technique and developments in his Integrated Body Work which he is developing new techniques weekly.
  • Do I pay all at once or can I pay in instalments?
    You have 2 options: Option 1: Up front payment of $5995 and save $500 Option 2: 4 month payment plan of $1995 up front payment followed by with 4 easy payments of $1000 pm
  • Is there additional support if I don’t understand the modules? If so, does this cost extra?"
    Yes there will be additional support yet Troy's teachings is very laymen and you will be able to come to the workshop with your challenges. this is part of the Training Massage Masterclass.
  • Can I get one-on-one coaching with the trainer?
    A bespoke training is available at your clinic with Troy Payne. Email us for more information.
  • Why is the techniques you are teaching so good?
    The techniques are helping the body to get long lasting results that have been clinically proven over the past 60+ years.
  • How will this course set me apart from every other massage person?
    Join The Tribe and be known as the practitioner/therapist who gets results and is on the cutting edge in your field and area.
  • How long do we get to have hands on education with you?
    Actual Hands on is 3 days at the workshop where we share the methods again with you , after you have watched and completed the MasterClass Online. (Paced learning
  • Do we learn about how to fix the major problems with the body or just a few of these techniques?
    First we don’t “fix” people. They are not toasters. But semantics aside . You will learn all the methods and techniques and some more intricate and technical at the workshop. We cover most injury’s and case study’s. We ask you to bring all your questions and challenges to the workshop where others will learn while we fine tune you new skills. You could even bring a challenging client if you like. (As long as your not asking to Re-attach tendons and ligaments or stick bones back together HA! ) no problem.
  • Once the course is finished do you still mentor if we get stuck with an issue with a client?
    With the videos and training, you will have all you need to get our side of the box and work it out. But... We have created a private Facebook group for answers where other practitioners who choose to join can answer the questions. Troy is monitoring and adding his view and expertise when he can in this group. It is hard to offer an on call mentor program as a one-to-one mentorship whenever a grad needs some quick advice, but we do have Bespoke Training & Exclusive Coaching Tailored to your needs. Such as one Graduate who came in a 1/2 day a week for 12 weeks and had a very intensive day long exam on week 12. We also have had a graduate spend 3 months 5days a week work with and observe Troy. A graduate finished the course and continued on with three months of coaching from Troy. Approach us with an offer and we can see if it fits.
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