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Troy Payne.

Troy is a Sunshine Coast native well close enough and grew up in a super pink household with his parents and 3 sisters.


Always going at 100mph, Troy was independent at an early age. His passion for life and thirst for knowledge kept him busy, but it was when his mother was treated for a debilitating pain in her neck, that his path was focused – enter Allan Niblett.


After witnessing the healing abilities of Allan’s techniques first-hand, Troy was hooked.


Troy completed his Diploma in Remedial Massage 2002 (taught by the amazing Margaret Wright a Massage pioneer and healer Founding QSMI ). Also trained by Allan in the incredible Niblett Technique, attaining his Diploma of Excellence as well as his Trainers License to Allan handing him the Authority to do as he pleases.


Absorbing everything Allan could throw at him, Troy excelled and worked together with Allan to cement and brand the technique. Their passion to heal the seemingly unsolvable pain problems of the world, drove their friendship and partnership right to the end (Allan passed away in 2016 at 90 years of age).


The PAYNE Relief clinic in Mooloolaba was established by Troy in 2013 and has built up an impeccable reputation. With 5 stars flooding online reviews, Troy has cemented himself in Mooloolaba as the go-to therapist on the Sunshine Coast who can help give his clients immediate and long-lasting pain relief. As his journey progressed and his enthusiastic ability he has traveled far to develop The PAYNE Relief Method  


Along his 15-year journey, Troy has treated and worked with some of the best, including:


  • British Lions Rugby Union Team

  • Australian Wallabies Rugby Union team including Superstar Kurtley Beale

  • Australian Olympic Team Massage Therapist Bernd Adolph

  • V8 Supercar Royalty Dick Johnson

  • 3-time World Champion Body Boarder Kira Lewelly

  • Champion Boxer Israel Kani

  • Local Soccer Talent Tyson Holmes and the Sunshine Coast Fire Soccer Team

  • Professional Woodchopper David Foster

  • Budokan International’s Current World Chief Instructors Wayne Macdonald and Brett Boots 

  • Legendary Ironman Champion Barry Newman JUST TO NAME A FEW!

With a beautiful baby girl recently added to his family, Troy is dedicating his work to include training and coaching other Massage Therapists in the techniques he has learned throughout his career and time with Allan Niblet, Syd Jones , Garry McDonnell and may others, Check out his Course Overview to learn more about his Masterclass Technique Series THE PAYNE RELIEF METHOD..

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