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Please read before viewing Massage Masterclass.

Due to the sensitive material on these videos, certain security precautions have been implemented to avoid piracy. IP addresses and login attempts will be monitored to avoid the sharing of login credentials. Copyright infringement is protected by law around the World and users sharing login credentials shall be prosecuted and damages sought.

That said enjoy the videos and training. By watching these digital versions of the training, you accept that no refunds shall be offered, unless specifically referred to in the marketing or order pages of the particular product purchased.


> Unlock winning massage strategies

Put yourself across the massage table from Troy Payne - one of the biggest things to come to the world of health. The worlds number 1 soft tissue and deep tissue champion teaches advanced theory and practice through basic layman teachings of techniques used to get the results that have practitioners booked out weeks in advance. Learn how to sharpen your massage techniques through specialised moves and keys to unlock the toughest of cases. Join Troy at the massage table to learn how to increase your success rate, grow your business, and get your clinic “In the Money.”


> Video lessons

See the human body potential through troys eyes with case studies of injuries and difficult cases and secret techniques that hold the potential to help 1000’s across on-demand video lessons.


Class Work

A downloadable workbook accompanies the class with lesson recaps and details of what was taught, assignments and 20 years of working with bodies we created a genuinely new approach that we believe is unique and life changing and we can't wait to share it with you.

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