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Welcome to The Massage College and congratulations on taking the step to upskill to become a specialist in the massage industry.

There are 3 options to choose from when deciding what offer to enrol in.

All Access

This is an all-inclusive course, covering everything you need – plus bonuses only available to students of this offer. It’s all the courses in one and the optimal way to learn!

Online Masterclass

The sausage in the sizzle! With the Online Masterclass you get 30+ hours of training and education of the Payne Relief Method. In here, you get the foundations of the Method – it’s the nuts and bolts really.

Designed for students who can’t be here in person - such as our International students in Asia, Europe, Russia and America. It gives you a solid upskill and some new magic to implement in your clinic.
3-Day Workshop

Third, the hands-on 3-day Workshop certification, where Troy shares the Payne Relief Method, answer your questions and fine-tune your Payne Relief Method skills.

Both the Online Masterclass and the 3-day Workshop are suited for very experienced Osteo / Chiro / Physio / PT / 7-10 year Massage Practitioners with knowledge of the body, who will be able to pick up the Payne Relief Method quite quickly and be able to implement into their clinic the following week after doing the course.

Which one should you choose?

Unless you are not able to attend in person, the optimal way to learn the Payne Relief Method and become certified is with the All-Access which includes both the Online Masterclasses & 3-day Workshop. 


The All-Access is a progression of the Online Masterclass. You will learn all you can there. Deep dive and watch everything 3-times (or more), then come along to the Hands-On 3-day Workshop with all your questions and case studies, ready for the practical learning. 

You will be ready for the competency exam for your certification by the time you finish the workshop.

We trust this clears up some of the questions you may have around which offer is best for you to upskill your career in the massage industry with The Massage College. 

To enrol, simply click on the preferred course and follow the steps to sign up.

Should you have any questions, please reach out and we will happily assist. 

Once again, congratulations on taking the steps to become a specialist in the massage industry and upskill your career.

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The Massage College founder, Troy Payne presents an in-depth online Lifestyle Massage Specialist Masterclass in addition to the core units of the Diploma of Remedial Massage with Demi International Remedial Massage Academy.

Graduates of The Massage College are equipped with the tools, strategy and know-how to succeed!
Identify key strategies

– to transform your clients from living with pain to being pain-free.

Master the specialised techniques

– and your massage career will grow substantially, and your client satisfaction will increase.


Dispose of lengthy timelines

– and get successful pain-free results for your clients to change not only their life, but also your own!


Create great opportunities

– to grow your client base and business through proven methods and techniques.


Reduce the real cause of pain

– for your clients and fix it fast. The speed and accuracy of the skills you gain will prepare you for huge growth.


Get the unfair advantage

– with these skills and techniques. You will be amongst the best-equipped to treat people of all walks of life, including high-level athletes, to be pain-free.



  1. The confidence to implement the Payne Relief Method on your clients.

  2. A strategy to grow your massage business.

  3. The knowledge and skills to get results fast.

  4. A completion of competency in the Integrated Body Work Diploma of Excellence.

Troy Payne

Founder of the Payne Relief Method

The Massage College


Troy Payne is the director of The Massage College and founder of the Payne Relief Method. Through his role, Troy empowers massage therapists by upskilling their techniques and knowledge through methods he has refined over the course of his career. Troy has extensive experience working with elite athletes and sporting teams, along with all walks of life who go from living in pain to a life pain free. His expertise has seen him speak in front of audiences of over 8,000 people. Troy has led workshops globally including in Australia, Malta and Indonesia, and now leads the Integrated Body Work Diploma of Excellence.

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